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Commemorating 17 years the mystery of death Kurt Cobain

There are some strange circumstances and unanswered questions surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. This information has been the subject of books, television shows, radio shows, multiple magazine and newspaper stories, and even movies. Was Cobain murdered?
Kurt Cobain was a drug addict (heroin) with no reason and why he likes to use heroin?! Kurt Cobain is not just for fun or hobby but kurt did have a problem with the "stomach" that is always sick and when his stomach pain suddenly recurred he could no longer withstand the pain. if d heroin abdominal pain could not taste the legendary words of the universe is.
why did he kill himself? kurt kill himself before he had time to write d diary about her life journey, the journey of love, music, messages to his friends, his wife and children. after a concert in New York two days later kurt went to the apartment of his reply was in Seattle.
 On Date 5 April 1994 at 4:30 am kurt was not breathing and foaming at the mouth and holds the single insulin / injection, a police officer had found a book at the suspect's diary which kurt cobain that contains the entire journey during his lifetime. so far no one has to know the mystery of the death of kurt cobain.

 Group Nirvana frontman was found dead at his home. Though musicians aged 27 yrs who is considered the pioneer of grunge flow was also considered as the most influential figures of the era. The case of suicide by shooting head is so legendary because it is considered to save a lot of mystery. Some say if it's just engineering, because others who appear bukti2 leads to murder. Among them are no fingerprints on the gun that Cobain used to kill himself, Kurt & his wife, Courtney Love, again in the process of divorce, and anyone tried to use Kurt Cobain's credit card is lost at the time her body was found. Evidence of this is just part of some other evidence found. To be sure, this incident was the second attempt Kurt Cobain to kill himself after the first failed. At that time, musicians who have their own charisma that tried to kill himself after getting caught using drugs over dose.
The drama begins with Cobain's death in 1994, when Nirvana was in Munich, Germany. Cobain was diagnosed with bronchitis and severe laryngitis. He was flown to Rome to undergo treatment, and a few days later his wife, Courtney Love knows that Cobain had overdosed because eating champagne with Rohypnol. Cobain immediately rushed to the hospital and days unconscious.
Then on March 18, Love phoned police and told that her husband locked himself in a room with a pistol with him. Police confiscated a pistol and several bottles of pills. But Cobain was stated that he did not try to do the act of suicide, but just hiding from his wife.
A few days later, Cobain agreed to do the detox thanks to persuasion wife and people close to him. March 30, Cobain was in Exodus Recovert Center in Los Angeles, California. On the next day, Cobain fled with a 6-foot-high fence creeping then boarded a taxi and headed for Los Angeles Airport and returned to his home in Seattle. In the range of 2 to 3 April, Cobain looks at several places around Seattle, but her relatives did not know where Cobain disappeared.

To Boddah
Speaking from the tongue of an Experienced simpleton obviously WHO Would rather be an emasculated, infantile complain-ee. This note Should Be pretty easy to understand. All the warnings from the punk rock 101 courses over the years, since my first introduction to the, Shall We say, the ethics involved with independence and the embracement of your community has proven to be very true. I have not felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and writing for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these Things. For example Pls we're backstage and the lights go out and the manic Roar of the crowd Begins, it does not affect me the way in the which it did for Freddy Mercury, WHO seem to love, Relish in the love and Adoration from the crowd, the which is somehting I totally admire and envy. The fact is, I can not fool you, any one of you. It simply Is not fair to you or me. The worst crime I cans think of would be to rip people off by faking it and pretending as if I'm having 100% fun. Sometimes I feel as if I Should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out on stage. I've tried everything Within my power to appreciate it (and I do, God believe me I do, but it's not Enough). I appreciate the fact That I and We have affected and entertained a lot of people. I must be one of those narcissists WHO Things only Pls appreciate they're gone. I'm too sensitive. I need to be Slightly numb in order to Regain the Enthusiasm I Had once as a child. On our last three tours, I've had a much better appreciation for all the people I've known personally and as fans of our music, but I still can not get over the frustration, the guilt and empathy I have for everyone. There's good in all of us and I think I simply love people too much, so much That it makes me feel too fucking sad. The sad little sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man. Why do not you just enjoy it? I do not know! I have a Goddess of a wife sweats WHO Ambition and empathy and a daughter WHO reminds me too much of what I used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets Because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And That terrifies me to the point WHERE I cans Barely function. I can not stand the thought of Frances Becoming the miseraable, self-destructive, death rocker That I've changed from. I have it good, very good, and I'm Grateful, but since the age of seven, I've changed from all hateful Towards Humans in general. Only Because it Seems so easy for people to get along and have empathy. Only Because I love and feel sorry for people too much I guess. Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters and concern During the past years. I'm too much of an erratic, moody, baby! I do not have the passion anymore, and so remember, it's better to burn out then to fade away. Peace, Love, Empathy. Kurt Cobain.
Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your altar
Please keep going Courtney,
for Frances.
for her life will from be so much happier
without me. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU

At the beginning of the letter, contained the words "To Boddah", which is the name of imagination Cobain's childhood friend. Then Cobain also cited Neil Young song entitled "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)": "It's better to burn out Than to fade away." In addition, the retainer of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury was also mentioned as a comparator itself in terms of love and respect the fans.
Cobain is estimated to have died three days ago before her body was found, precisely dated 5 April 1994. High concentrations of heroin and Valium were also found from his body. Of course drugs are consumed when it is also likely to be the cause of death of the father of a child named Frances Bean Cobain ini.Berbagai speculation emerged following the death of Cobain, it was said that Cobain was murdered by someone else, even Courtney Love was mentioned as the culprit who did Cobain's revenge on the previously revealed plans to divorce.

The man who most believe in conspiracy in the death of Kurt Cobain is Tom Grant, an investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Cobain who previously escaped from the place of rehabilitation. Grant is still working to Love when Cobain's body was found, so he is given access to analyze the death certificate. He believes that the letter was not an obit, but a letter stating his desire to leave the world of music, Seattle, and even his wife. He also speculated about a few lines of text at the bottom of Cobain's writings was not true, citing a few lines that have different writing styles with the writings on it. The next step is to send a photocopy Grant's death certificate to the four handwriting experts. The result is, one person said that the letter was entirely written by the hand of Cobain's own, while three others stated that the samples sent are inconclusive, because a photocopy of the original letter.
Together with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain to be another musician who died at the age of 27 years. Based on the book Heavier Then Heaven, a discography Kurt Cobain book, Cobain's sister said that when Cobain was a kid, he never says it wants to join the 27 Club, the club musician who died at the age of 27 years.
About seven thousand people gathered at Seattle Center park accompany Kurt Cobain's funeral on April 10th. Grieving the death of a rock star who changed the world of music in the 90s. Rest In Peace, Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain. a musical role model grunge world. We miss u.. a smile of peace for all lovers of Grunge.


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