Friday, April 1, 2011

Pearl Jam one of the pioneers of grunge music

Pearl Jam  group formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington, United States. This group became one of the successful rock group in the 1990's, Pearl Jam is one of the pioneers of grunge music, and is considered one of the big four along with Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden.
The name Pearl Jam would not be eliminated from the world of rock music especially for this kind of grunge and alternative rock music. Typical eddy Vedder's voice in the song go, animal and daughter.
Pearl Jam is the biggest big band or maybe in the 1990s, the decade that is able to create great works of rock and roll (or grunge depends on where you judge it).

For me a big band can survive only after they released three albums, three times the mean after that death. Nirvana recorded Nevermind, In Utero and Unplugged in New York and gone for ever after that.
Pearl Jam musical journey than incised gold achievement also leave scratches sad, call it the case with the giant American promoters in 1994 that made Pearl Jam could not perform in major venues across America.
Pearl Jam is one of the few bands that can still solid after 20 years of his career. Pearl Jam's own 18th birthday was January 2011.
Total album that has been generated by Pearl Jam at 8 units an album. of Ten (1991) 12 Platinum, VS (1993), 7 Platinum, Vitalogy (1994) 5 Platinum, No Code (1996) 1 platinum, Yield (1998) 1 platinum, Binaural (2000) Gold, Riot Act (2002), Pearl Jam (2006), Gold.

In addition to eight albums, Pearl Jam also released several concert recordings and compilations. In 2000, Pearl Jam released more than 70 pieces recordings of their concerts in America and Europe. Each concert footage from every city was released in CD Audio format. This was repeated in 2003 when they re-released a number of their live album from America, Asia and Australia. Previously, in 1999 Pearl Jam released the album Live on Two Legs that contains a compilation of sebelumnya.Selain Arms Aloft tour, Pearl Jam also includes one song no longer belongs to Sex Pistol's "Public Image". The song's punk band Public Image Limited revamped Pearl Jam became a grunge song.
Year 2011 was precisely on (31 / 5) Eddy Vedder will release his second album titled Ukulele Songs. On this album, Vedder will sing his songs and the songs created in other people with his ukulele.


  1. love this song! one of my favorites

  2. have not heard of this band in a while, they're a great band so thanks for sharing it :)

  3. Memories, all alone in the moonlight...

  4. i actually never got into them, which is kinda sad since most of my friends keep telling me how awesome these guys are :[