Monday, March 14, 2011

Pregnant Jewel fine after accident

Singer Jewel has just had an accident. His car was hit by a fire truck. The singer, who was pregnant with her first child felt his life was saved thanks to the Cadillac SRX.Jewel accident took place on Friday (03/11/2011) morning, local time, Stephenville, Texas, USA. It was Jewel, who was in his car, was shocked when she felt a violent shock.
Fortunately, the fire truck next to the Cadillac-Jewel property. After the incident, accident, Jewel was taken to hospital for treatment.Jewel never thought would be a terrible incident. TMZ.com quoted Page, was her husband, Ty Murray, just to ensure the hospital the woman candidates and beautiful children.
"Fortunately, the mother and fetus in good condition. We can not request a review of Jewel, because he was still in shock," added the spokesman. After Jewel, the security features in the car, the damage is minimized in the event of a collision. Currently, the singer, was four times Grammy nominee was already feeling better.
a glimpse of the singer Jewel.
Jewel was born in Payson, Utah. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Homer, Alaska, his grandfather Nowhere Yule Kilcher, a delegate to the convention of the Alaska state constitution and state senator, was settled after immigrating from Switzerland . Yule also saw the first crossing of the Harding Icefield. It has roots in Switzerland by his grandfather. She is the cousin of actress Q'Orianka Kilcher. She spent most of his young life in Homer, lives with his father, Atz Kilcher. The house where she grew up in had no indoor plumbing, it was a simple outhouse instead. Sometimes, she and her father earned a living singing in bars and taverns. We learned to yodel from this experience it, a quality demonstrated in many of their songs. His father was a Latter-day Saints, but you've heard the present church shortly before his eighth photo.
Jewel learned to play guitar while at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, Michigan, she studied opera in Nowhere voice. She began writing songs at age 16. At school, they sometimes play at Ray's Coffee House in Traverse City, Michigan.Jewel is a singer and songwriter, guitarist, actress and poet. He has received four Grammy nominations and over 27 million albums sold worldwide.Jewel began February 28, 1995 with the album, Pieces of You was the one to go to one of the best debut albums of all time, platinum 15 times. A single from the album peaked at # 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 "Who will save your soul" and two others: "You were made for me" and "Foolish Games", also # 2 and # 7 each reached the Hot 100, and resource persons on the Billboard singles of 1997 season. She has crossed many genres during her career. completely clear record, their first country, was on the Valory Music Co. published. in 2008. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Album and had three singles, "Stronger Woman," "I Do" and "Til It Feels Like Cheating." Jewel released her first independent album, Lullaby, 2009.Jewel just got married had planned to withdraw from its tour schedule for a different time and tried to make a child with her husband, Ty Murray. Jewel and Murray were married in August 2008. Previously he had said he had lived in the car for a year before his talent began to stand out when he was 19, after being dumped by a boss because he was denied sex with him.
Jewel and Ty met for the first time in 1999. After 9 years together and Jewel was World Champion Pro Rodeo at the Cove Atlantis hotel Bahamas, was married in August 2008.


  1. I've only been in a car accident once but it was a horrible day. Fortunately, I didn't suffer from any damage but my car was totaled.

  2. Glad she is fine and her baby made it alright that's all that matters :)