Thursday, February 10, 2011

KISS Kind In Satan Service

KISS is one of the american rock band that formed in NY in December 1972 by Paul Stanley (guitar & vocals) and Gene Simmons (bass & vocals), which was followed by recruits Peter Criss on drums and vocals position and Ace Frehley in the lead and also vocal. Early career success of the kiss in starting in 1975 with the release of the album Alive! A successful U.S. number one hit single with the single "Rock And Roll All Nite." alive album went on to become their first album certified platinum in the U.S.. Then the album was also successful Destroyer  which also led to the U.S. top 10 single with Peter Criss won a "major songwriting award for" through their ballad, "Beth". Rock And Roll Over, Love Gun and Alive II, following which each certified platinum success ngegondol .

Formation Stanley, Simmons, Carr, and Kulick was the formation of the most stable since the formation of the original KISS, with this formation was also the birth series of platinum from the album Kiss in this decade Asylum, 1987's Crazy Nights and the 1988 greatest hits compilation smashes, Thrashes & Hits and closed Hot in the Shade in 1989.
Final formation of KISS is Paul Stanley (vocals), Tommy Thayer (guitar), Gene Simmons (bass) and Eric Singer (drums).

Bassist as well as motor band KISS, Gene Simmons believes his band is the most popular rock band on earth. KISS or that her lover among the equated with Kind In Satan Service, even jokingly said,''KISS even more popular than Mickey Mouse cartoon,''he said. Gene added that there is no comic book about the band U2, or Mick Jagger figure action figures, unless they have all been identified in the figure of the band KISS. ''You can even go to the supermarket like Wal-Mart, and easily get the number of products associated with the sweetness of the faces of the personnel KISS.'' In fact, the image of the KISS crew also seen, and there is the soft drink Dr Pepper products.

Last KISS album released in March of 2009, entitled 'Sonic Boom', if the process runs smoothly latest album, the bands that have characterized his face with paint, officially will have the album to 20 throughout their career.

The age factor does not seem to relax the spirit of the personnel of the band KISS to work. Printers hits 'Crazy Night' is reportedly ready to release a new album this year.
We will enter the studio again starting next month to work on new material. There will be no other activities besides creating rock n roll music that we love, we will be jamming it first and after that recording, "says guitarist Tommy Thayer as KISS.

"Probably we will enter the studio in March and I guarantee you'll get the latest album KISS this year," he added.

KISS vacuum had known for 11 years to produce a new album, circa 1998 to 2009. At that time they had declared, would never release a new album again. But the vocalist has other ideas and had found the spirit again to release the album. let's wait for new songs from KISS .


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