Friday, February 11, 2011

Silverchair The Post-grunge 90s

Silverchair is an Australian band formed around the wing post-grunge 90s. Silver chair of its initial stand is when singer / guitarist Daniel Johns and drummer Ben Gillies started making music together at primary school and Chris Joannou later joined on bass. Silver chair early career was in the middle of 1994 when they won a national demo competition conducted by SBS TV show "Nomad" and Triple J.

Before using the name of their original band Silver chair is Innocent Criminals then Changed to Silverchair in August 1994.
Silver chair is the first album "Frogstomp", with its flagship song "Son of Israel" and "Tommorow" as well as several other hit songs.

In 1997, they re-issued second album, the name of his album "Freak Show" hits singles on this album is "Freak", a song which is still carrying the wing post-grunge music was very influential on the young musicians of his era after abandoned idol teenager is Nirvana.

Silverchair's third album "Neon Ballroom", starting this album looks maturity them in creating the songs they used to be teenagers now growing up as a flagship song is "Emotion Sickness", and "Miss You Love". The third album that sounds like the vocalist Daniel John tries to carry the music with a touch of the orchestra, perhaps a result of the illness is anorexia so Daniel John bit the song is pretty calm, but did not make the vocalist discouraged, in some songs in this album there is also a still touching post grunge his flow like Satin Sheets, and Spawn Again.

Back past the critical period, Daniel John et al still creating hits-hits songs as a musician, in 2002, Silverchair is back in the fourth album with the title of the album "Diorama". The song hits its "The Greatest View" and then followed by "Across The Night", and as the ultimate song of all time on the fourth album is "After All These Years".

In between his busy, the band Silverchair frontman Daniel John is reportedly dating one of the same soloists who come from a country that is also Natalie Imbruglia. Natalie (close calls) through the singer's famous song "Torn" has been their wedding that took place on 31 December 2003.
Mid-year 2007 Silverchair released their fourth album after a very long sleep almost 5 yearly Daniel John released an album entitled "Young Modern" of their flagship song "Straight Lines" is really pure they accompanied by orchestral music.


  1. Post-grunge? Interesting, gonna check it.

  2. after the era of Nirvana, Silverchair I guess only the nearly approaching from the musical nirvana. probably also a lot of other bands such as Pearl jam, Soundgarden. but i like Silverchair.

  3. Can see you're big into Nirvana. Ever heard of the Melvins? Had a HUGE influence on Cobain.