Monday, February 28, 2011

TheJourney Of Dangdut genre of musical arts in Indonesia

Dangdut is one of a growing genre of musical arts in Indonesia. This musical form rooted in the Malay music in the 1940s. In the evolution to contemporary forms are now entering the influence of Indian music elements (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic (on crooked and harmonization). Changes in the flow of Indonesian politics in the late 1960s, opening the entry of the strong influence of western music with the inclusion of the use of electric guitar and also a form of marketing. Since the 1970's virtually dangdut has matured in its contemporary. As popular music, dangdut very open to influence of other musical forms, ranging from keroncong, style, gamelan, harp, rock, pop, and even house music.

Mention the name "dangdut" is a sound game onomatope of tabla (drum in the world called dangdut only) a distinctive and is dominated by noise and  dang - ndut. This name is actually a cynical title in a magazine article the early 1970s to form malay music is very popular among the working class once when itu.banyak dangdut musicians who became a legend of music in Indonesia. Of all the names, it seems Haji Rhoma Irama is the most famous and most loved by music lovers dangdut. Rhoma Irama song accompanied by a sonnet Group always just get the fans hearts a special place. Songs like Blood of the Young and Happy always sung by people today. Although Rhoma Irama almost no sway while singing (Rhoma Irama and the sonnet Group always just sway to the left and right), still, he could make thousands of spectators dancing concert continues.

Rock, pop, disco, house fused with both the music dangdut. Similarly, this also happens with local music like jaipongan, gamelan, Tarling, keroncong, Java style (known as a musical form called mixed juice congdut, with characters Didi Kempot), or zapin.

Easily dangdut receiving element 'foreign' making it vulnerable to other forms of piracy, as is the case against the songs of Bollywood-style films and latin songs. Dangdut coffee, for example, is "pirated" a popular song from Venezuela.

This music is far different from the traditional music native to Indonesia. But there is little similarity, especially of traditional Malay custom. Dangdut music travel experience a significant change from the time backwards. Now finally Boom Music Dangdut is Indonesia's even Abroad.

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