Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phenomenal Blues

You like blues?, It has not been completed if not yet read this article. Slight not what it is you can know the origins of blues & blues. Blues is a vocal and instrumental music stream originating from the United States (U.S.).
Blues music was originally set off from spiritual music and praise that comes from the communities of former African slaves in the U.S.. The use of blue notes and the application of the pattern of call-and-response (in which two sentences spoken / sung by the two sentences consecutively and both can be considered as an answer to the first sentence) in the music and lyrics of blues songs are the proof of origin which originate in West Africa. In the present era many Blues Lovers was born. They listen, learn, write, play, and make an album.

Blues music has a huge influence on American popular music and new West, as can be seen in the flow of ragtime, jazz, blues rock, electric blues, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, hip-hop, and country, reggae, and conventional rock music. The game guitar on blues music, popular in the 20th century. Previously, blues musicians often use the banjo for many years, and blues music continues to grow. Even in every U.S. region, gave birth to the blues music of different colors such as Chicago blues (Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor), Delta Blues (Robert Lockwood Jr.), East Cost Blues (John Jackson) and Texas Blues (Mike Morgan & The Crawl).

The development of technology in musical instruments, then gave birth to a new color like electric blues, electric blues Harmony, modern acoustic blues, modern electric Hendrix blues.
Modern electric blues is the most popular subgenre of the blues today. From the genre, the blues was born tens figure like BB King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hocker, Jhony Winter, Koko Taylor, Robert Cray, Taj Mahal, Dave Hole, Tinsley Ellis Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, jimmy hendrix and also garry more. Blues song lyrics usually contain a sentence with 3 lines (three-line stanze).

    The first line repeated 2 times rhytem which together form the last third . Melody appears usually on the development of 12-bar chord contains three buildings of note chords first scaled fourth and fifth magnitude. Three chords are written with Roman letters (I, IV, and V). Form a real voice of blues melody there is in most parts of which should use the notation outside a large scale is generally called "blue notes".