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Sheryl Crow a singer and an American guitarist

Sheryl Suzanne Crow (born on February 11, 1962) is a singer and an American guitarist. He won an Academy Award nomination version of the music. He rhythmic country, pop, folk, blues and rock.
year 2005 be the year of good luck for Sheryl Crow. Apart from the new album launch preparations, the girl who is known through the song If It Makes You Happy is also ready to assume a new status: Mrs. Lance Armstrong.

Reportedly, Armstrong who is famous racing driver who has won the event the Tour de France seven times it has been applied for the fiance when both are on vacation. Although not yet set a date, but spokesman Lance says that it is probable that the wedding will be held in March 2006.

For Crow, this is his first marriage after a woman born in 1963 are linked by a number of celebrities like Owen Wilson and Eric Clapton, while for Armstrong this is the second, where the previous marriage has been 'produced' three children.

Both own mind began dating after meeting in first charity event in 2003. Besides known thanks to the achievements, Armstrong's name is also being discussed due to doping allegations by a French daily.

Both Armtrong and Crow himself equally busy. Lance who had expressed pension reportedly began to consider returning to the world of bicycle racing, while Crow was busy with a campaign titled fifth album Wildflower.

 But in 2009, Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong split bike athletes are unprepared due to the presence of babies in their midst. As known, the two decided to end her fiance bond in February 2006.
the verdict had cancer is also in the same year 2006.dan in 2010 founded the Breast Cancer Clinic Imaging Center named Sheryl Crow, the Crow with Pink Lotus Foundation Breast Center. To provide optimal service to their patients, the clinic is even equipped with the latest technology that can detect breast cancer early. "My cooperation with Lotus Pink Breast Center really makes it easy me to raise awareness and encourage millions of women over the age of 40 years in performing mammography on a regular basis every year," said singer song "All I Want to Do" this,
Crow said, has many positive changes in him since he was suffering from breast cancer. When the break from the world of music and healing therapy, he was even more active in social activities, especially for children orphaned and breast cancer sufferers. "Even now, I was like running a campaign ad early detection of breast cancer no matter where I am,"

Sheryl Crow, known for voicing vigorous and active antiwar stance echoes the global campaign. He has also joined the campaign preservation of wild horses in the United States.Crow is a horse lover. He has 20 head of horses that are kept in farms Nashville. Not all the people reject the plan. Ron Cerri, Nevada Shepherd Association president, agreed with the government's plan.

With the adoption of two children, Wyatt (3) and Levi (two months), according to this Grammy award winning musician, lives were enriched and experience reflected in his music. "Being a mother in general change your life. Life would you describe your art and for me it makes my life so rich. I loved every minute of my life," he said. Vocalist and songwriter 48-year-old, who fought against breast cancer in 2006, admitted that the emotion is the reason for the birth of a different sound on his new album. Comparing the album 100 Miles from Memphis (2010) with his previous album, he said, "The last album I have urgency to it. I have a new baby, I've been through breast cancer, and I have been through a bad breakup, and I feel there are so many things to write about. "
 In 2010 singer song "Summer Day" was recently written a song to dance nude scene in a musical show in New York, USA.
For him, the work of new music was so impressive and, indeed, could make him take off his clothes. "A friend of mine has asked me to create music for a musical version of the movie Diner. There was a scene when the three women dancing naked and I came up with the music for the dance,"
Sheryl crow July 2010 seventh album release of "100 Miles from Memphis". In the age of 48, Sheryl Crow was still proving his ability to sing is not lost with age singers like Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue. This was apparent when he brought the newly released single, "Summer Day".

For the new single, Sheryl incorporate some elements of music such as blues, R 'n' B in the era of the 1970s and rock. Single "Summer Day" was written the lyrics by Sheryl working with Doyle Bramhall II and Justin Stanley. The new single is one of Sheryl single in the seventh album to be released next July, "100 Miles from Memphis".

Sheryl has become a popular name since he released the single "All I Want to Do" (1994). Soared to prominence as a singer when she was awarded a Grammy for several categories such as Best New Artist (1995), Best Rock Album ("Sheryl Crow" (1997)) and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance by the single "Sweet Child O 'Mine" (2000 .)
Sheril Crow song album 2008: soundstage Presents: Sheryl Crow Live, 2008: Best of Sheryl Crow [Universal Japan], 2008: Home for Christmas, 2010: 100 Miles from Memphis, 2010: The lowdown.


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